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The poor verizon guy knocked on the door to ask if we wanted their service. We have Verizon, but he happened to catch us after several weeks of discussing dropping them. I held him captive on the couch for quite some time.

Actually, what I was considering was dropping down to just the most basic of basic cable and my internet connection, and getting my other channels elsewhere, but I could not find a good way to get BBC America (or BBC, come to that)

We have an old package, and I loose it if I change anything. No adding, either, not even just to bump up my internet speed, since it's not what my plan is.

So, we did a comparison of their currently available plans, and it looked like if we did drop down, we would be paying more than we are now for half the service.

I was in the mood to complain. I was tough, and the guy was nice. (They make such a cute face when you say "What if I just cancel my service, and see what great deal they send you back with!" He laughed, and told me about some of them, but they would need me to be without a connection for awhile, and I can't do that now that Jim is working from home.)

Anyway -- After an hour or so of putting up with me, I think we have a deal that gives me the channels I want and lets me upgrade my internet speed for approx. what I am paying now. I told him I want to check the channels and I'll call him tomorrow, but it looks good. And I may still drop my movie package and actually come out ahead.
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