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book snobs

Some time ago, two friends of mine got married. He had a collection of Science Fiction, and she had a not overly large condo. She wanted him to get rid of his books, and asked me, as a book-fiend, what I thought. She was very surprised that I sided with him. But I'm a reverse book snob -my reason was that the classic titles she wanted people to see on their shelves (see: "show off") would be available in any library, while almost everything she wanted him to sell would be out of print.


This was a dozen or so years ago, and e-books as a back up would not even have been available. But I admit, I do have a problem with people who *only* want you to be impressed with which titles are on their shelves. You might as well be in one of those restaurants where they cut the spines off an inch into the books and glue them to shelves.

(I love love love my kindle but, especially considering my extended family,I do worry about the market for book covers. I hope they find a way to make them integral for marketing the books. I still miss all those classic album covers, but I would not give up my media storage.)
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