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I love this pic, and Terry can probably tell you why- It's true - I am obsessed with the movie version of jaws.

I do buy books, I love the way they feel and smell. I have the new book from WETA sitting next to me because I can't stop sniffing it. I fall asleep in them, and have a tug of war with Jim in my sleep if he tries to take it away. He says what I need is a Teddy-Book.

I also buy ebooks. I love the way they fit 200 books in my hand or pocket. When I fall asleep and it hits me in the nose, I'm glad that 900 page Elizabeth George was on my Touch.

This picture also makes me laugh because not so long ago, the book snobs would be looking down their noses at Nathan for buying a (eww) *paperback*...... (see also: first husband)
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