fileg (fileg) wrote,

Every time I promise myself I am going to get back to writing every day, it's like asking for trouble.

This time it's my poor sweetie - He had a sore throat on Sunday, and by Monday he was swollen and drooly. We spent the day getting him in to see Doctor Jory. (He was so sick, that when Jory hold him he had "a big uvula" he didn't even rise to the available jokes.)

He seemed slightly better today, but as it got late he's fading again. Hoping he continues to improve - it's really hard not being able to do anything to help.

Usually when he's sick, he gets a really deep voice, sort of Tom Waits after sandpapering. This time he has been cursed with a high squeaky voice with damp overtones - it's driving him crazy, poor thing.
Tags: family
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