fileg (fileg) wrote,

equipment woes

Jim asks:

Looking to replace our old Pioneer VSX-512S audio receiver with a new Pioneer VSX-822 (the $199 price is pretty sweet for the features it has). The 512S has developed a hum in the output to the speakers that work, and a couple of the channels are dead. We have been using the the receiver a lot to make dialogue more understandable when watching TV or video (the TVs speakers alone no longer cut the mustard for my ears) but the 512S's volume control is a motorized knob, so volume-up or down on a remote makes the motor turn the knob too much so you can never get the volume where you want it without actually getting up to twiddle it (first-world problems...sigh).

What we need is low-volume clarity. We could care less if it can produce bass that will rattle the foundations or "sounds like you're there". I don't think the 512S's volume knob has ever been turned higher than 20%.

Bluetooth and Airplay would be nice, but those can be add-ons for much less than the price of going up to a unit that already has them.

The question I have is - we'd like to have the ability to add headphones WITHOUT cutting out the main speakers. One of our friend is hard of hearing and at a recent marathon of Raxhephon we had to have the sound turned up so high for him that we were worried the neighbours would complain (those familiar with our surroundings may snicker now). Any suggestions? Pioneer's Bluetooth add-on module appears to be for input only.

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