fileg (fileg) wrote,

I like to read the amazon reviews of a book I have just finished - especially the bad reviews. I get a kick out of them, most especially if they are annoyed by the same things that got to me.

But sometimes they just make me clutch my head like a stunned monkey.

I just finished Still Life by Louise Penny, and some to the reviews were in this category.

Someone complained that she had been told what an interesting character the detective was, but how could she tell when he never even appeared in the first chapter, which was as far as she read. (I think anyone who reads cozys, or has ever watched Colombo knows, we often don't get the detective until *after* the crime has been committed...)

Someone complained that the author had to show off by using too many place names in French (in a little village outside Quebec…)

Someone complained that it was not a factual Armenian history, but I am hoping they posted this review to the wrong book.

And my favorite ---
Someone complained that the mystery was ridiculously easy to solve, since one of the main characters does not appear in the second book. (And we know this because? That's correct, because we read the second book first….)

I was also boggled by the number of people who complained about the book being *overly pc.* I couldn't think of anything in the story to support this. But after some thought, I realized they probably mean there is a gay couple in the village. and a black woman. and some older folks.

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