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Here we are getting our first Brazillian....

Here you see my garden being wiped out by the apartment

As you can see from the last image of the block adjacent to ours, the new look is low shrubbery to increase the heat load due to low-angle sunlight so they can get a kickback from the power company. Of course, this removes all the shade, but since we pay for the air-conditioning, that doesn't matter to them. All blocks have to look pretty much the same.

They tore out everything from the porch to the end of the building - the white rose that was here when we moved in (1982), the "new" lilac which finally hit full bloom this spring and protected my den window, the Brother Cadfael roses that reverted to root stock... and they put in two small euonymus to match the small one they put in after pulling out the yew bush.

They rescued my garden statue of a Girl Clutching a Frog to Her Breast (though she looks more like the Venus of Willendorf now...) and our Oranges & Lemons rose appears to be safe.

On the plus side, they yanked the hideous azalia - however it was so mushed together with the euonymus we planted years ago that both had to go.

The crew chief had told me they would try to save the roses and lilacs if they were within the mandated outline shape. Guess the lilac and white rose were outside the line. He also told me that if they had to pull the roses he'd replace it with a new one.

The mandated outline has the lawn going all the way to the building for the stretch where our den and bedroom are located, so there's nothing to stop nosy neighbours from walking up and trying to look in. (The worst of these is no longer here, thank goodness.) There is also nothing to cover the air conditioner hatch in that wall (they do not supply one for the den/office room.)

I'm thinking herbs in pots on my window ledge. But nothing will make me feel better about that exposed office window.

(pics inside)

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