fileg (fileg) wrote,

Tolkien question:

Someone on a line I follow asked why Aragorn was raised in Rivendell and was given the answer: "Many of the women, children, and aged of the remnant of the Dunedain of Arnor had lived in Rivendell in the years since Arnor was destroyed."

I am not wading into this sort of argument, but I don't remember anything like this being mentioned. Did I miss that? (I do miss things - I only recently had it pointed out to me that in the tale of years, February has 30 days. d'oh)

I did ask for their source and was told "in the appendices." (fileg pictures vague hand waving)

They also accept that the rest of the Dunedain were living in The Angle, which as far as I know is only well accepted fanon.

Anyone can confirm or deny and if confirm, give me a pointer to *where* in the appendices?
Tags: arda

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