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From the archive, 3 September 1973: Hobbit and Lord of the Rings author J. R. R. Tolkien dies

I usually post to remember the professor's birthday, but I seem to be feeling very nostalgic this year.

I was in the airport in Toronto, waiting to fly home from my first science fiction world con when someone came in with the news. It was a shock, but a comfort me to be with other Tolkien fans when I heard. It is still a comfort to me to be with other fans, especially here.

article here

edit: You know, at the time I felt we had lost not only the professor, but all the writing we would never see. I thought we would never see the Silmarillion, never know about the first age or Numenor. So, in spite of the magnitude of the loss, I am awed to look back and see all the stories we did still receive.
Tags: arda, tolkien

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