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favorite line

over on one of the Tolkien groups I follow, someone asked
"What is your favourite passage from The Lord of the Rings?"

There aren't a lot of answers (yet) but they lean toward long passages. I love the build up of Tolkien's prose in a paragraph, but what utterly shatters me is usually a single line that goes through the brain right to the heart. I picked this:

"He knew the dark under the stars when it was fearless."

Not because of the "he" [bombadil], but because of the when....

When I first read LotR back in 63, I believe that line was my first clue about the depth of the world I had just fallen into. It stopped me in my tracks. This book was going to be much more than it seemed at first read.

To this day, the hairs on my neck stand up when I get to that line.
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