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siblings day

Today is siblings day.

My brother Chris and I are both only children.

Because I had to wait so long for him, when he came along I put him in my backpack and took him everywhere.

I insisted on having his crib in my room, and once he could stand, he would flip himself over the bar of the crib and into bed with me in the morning.

Before he learned to do that, he had a different way of waking me up. His uncle Norman was stationed in Germany when he was born, and sent him a teddy bear wearing lederhosen. It had a fine quality, but quite large music box in its tummy.

He would throw this out of the crib, and clunk me over the head to wake me. As you have probably figured out, this was less effective than he intended.

I believe his teddy had to have a little operation.

1963 or 4. right side: my dad. me, my brother Chris, my mum. Left side my (step) aunt and cousins

in this year The Man from Uncle, Tolkien and The Beatles happened to me. Space had already happened, in 1961
Tags: family

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