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another health update

another health update

Things were going well for about a month after the implant went in, and then my body suddenly rejected it.

I ended up back in the hospital for 2 days - they decided to put another implant in. I was skeptical of this, since it seemed likely I would reject it again. They explained to me that every day it stayed in would help make me stronger for the upcoming procedure.

After the second surgery, the team told me that Dr. R had a lot of trouble placing the implant, and I would likely lose it again, but if it lasted a month, we would probably be close enough to schedule surgery.

They sent me home on the Wednesday, I was feeling great. I rejected the implant on the Saturday.

Since they weren't going to implant again, they told me that as long as I didn't start bleeding, to just keep taking the anti-clotting injections (the type of tumor I have can cause clots, so even though I'm being treated for bleeding.....)

I did end up spending another day in the emergency room three days later, but things looked ok by the time I got there, and they didn't admit me. They slightly lowered the amount of the injections, and let me go home. I can stop taking the injections on the 27th, and see my specialist in August. Currently, I am hoping we will schedule then, and it will be over soon.

While I was in the second time, I had a thunderstorm in my cubicle.

I was sitting up reading, and I kept hearing a faraway noise like raindrops. I thought it must be raining outside, and it didn't occur to me until later that I had no window, so that would have been unlikely.

I decided to lean back and nap, and almost immediately a big fat raindrop fell into my eye, and then another.... I sat back up and looked up, and the electric light over my bed was dripping.

I rang for the nurse, and when she came I said, "It's raining in my room!"

She looked up and her face changed from tired to surprised and she said,"You do not lie!"

While they were trying to find a spot to move me to, I ended up with half a dozen people trying to climb up over my bed and poke the electric light, which buzzed every time they touched it. I put on my pants and went into the hall to wait - I wasn't going to be there when they made Reddy Killowatt mad. I told them they probably should not poke wet electrics with their bare hands, and two of the nurses said, basically, "Yikes!" and jumped down and came out in the hall with me.

I spoke to all sorts of doctors I had never seen before that day. None of them knew about my chart, they all wanted to hear about the rain. One doctor did keep coming back to reassure me that, "it was clean water."

Sure. I still didn't want it in my eye.
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