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God Speed

The early space flights are the ones that are still engraved on my heart. To keep me occupied when I ran out of book one day at school, Sister Robert Anthony gave me a copy of We 7. I was amazed at what was about to happen, and I fell right in.

I'm sad for the loss of John Glenn, and I'm sad because all the Mercury astronauts are gone now.
And I hurt that they have taken my childhood with them.

I loved all the early astronauts, but I always felt that Alan Shepard and Gus Grissom, not to mention Yuri Gagarin and Gherman Titov were overshadowed by Glen's celebrity.

I am always moved by this scene in The Right Stuff:

Frank Sharp (Texan): Which one are you?
Alan Shepard: Shepard.
Frank Sharp: Oh yeah? Well, which one's Glenn? He's the one I want to meet.
Alan Shepard: He's right over there.
Frank Sharp: 'Scuse me.
Alan Shepard: [to his wife] Louise, I'm going to the moon, I swear to God.

But still, it was impossible not to love Glenn. He had so much charisma, and it spilled over into giving people pride and love for the program at the time, which was such a good thing. It was the great adventure.

And even at 95, he never let it go. Damn you, 2016.
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