fileg (fileg) wrote,

conversations with jim

Things Jim told me in his sleep:

I was unable to sleep recently because my brain was turned up too high. Jim was fast asleep, but talking to me, trying to calm me down. He said,"I'll make up some rumors, and you can think about them instead."

He then tells me,"Men make cheese."
Apparently my eyes got very big, and he said, "What's wrong?"
I answered, "I thought you were going to make things up!"

"Ok, I'll try again."

He thinks for a minute, and announces, "Banco Popular isn't really very popular."


things Jim told me while awake:

I was having trouble thinking before, and jim told it it was because he knocked Eyore over. (I have a stuffy Eyore on the headboard.)

I thought he said he knocked my aura over.

Current wisdom is that I am a little slow because I have an Ey-aura
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