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Every time I promise myself that I will post here more often - I am always happier and more creative when I do - something derails me.

I was sure the simplicity of poetry month would focus me, but as I settled in Jim had to have emergency eye surgery to (hopefully) prevent his retina from detaching.

I had to enlist the help of my excellent friends to drive us to our doctors and hospitals, since I am still having symptoms from radiation (like dizziness) that keep me from driving. Also I've never driven the new car and this didn't seem like the time to try.

My excellent friends not only drove us to appointments, they showed up repeatedly with frozen custard, Chinese food, date nut cookies, and other unexpected treats, including their most excellent company.

I have an appointment tomorrow with a surgeon I may switch to, and after I hear her opinion, I have to decide how to proceed.

And I am going to make an effort to write. If nothing else, I have notes for two stories from when I first came on here that I'm considering dusting off. But I'm not going to make myself any promises, because it's just tempting fate.
Tags: family, health

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