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dream food


I slept in while Jim went to the store and had a dream that someone was ringing my doorbell.

I got up and was looking for my pants when I heard the door open, which was a little freaky, (there was a time when about a dozen people had keys to my apartment, but most of them have moved far away now) Then I heard Terr call out yoohoo.

She came in with Jennifer and Melissa and everybody was about 10 years younger (Including my apartment, which had the old blue couch I miss so much)

They had brought me a baggie of goodies. They looked like gummiebear consistancy, but were actually a version of the candy fruit slices - all lemon. They were round, and about the size of bagels.

Terr, I hope you remember where you got them! I need to go dream shopping there.


I keep seeing commercials with people grilling as tomorrow is the 4th of July. Now I have an overwhelming faunch for hotdogs, but Jim has already gone to work.

My first thought was - Aha! I can have them tomorrow!

Then I remembered - I can't have solid food tomorrow in preparation for surgery on Wednesday. (sad face)
Tags: dreams, family, food

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