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Quick Health Update

Home from the hospital

I started this update a few times, but I keep changing my mind about how much info I want on the internet. This is the semi-short version.

I went in for my surgery on July 5. I had the early check in (6am) and by 9 they were taking me in.

And then thirteen hours in surgery went by...

Yeah, the radiation treatments I had did shrink the things that had to come out, but the scaring was so intensive, that Dr R (She's adorable, and awesome) said it looked like melted tupperware had been poured everywhere. It took the 6 hours of her original estimate before she could see well enough to remove the "must go" parts.

So, the good news is, everything is out - no more uterus, no mysterious masses, no bad tissue.

And the other good news is - they started by telling me it would be a long recovery, maybe 2 weeks in hospital and then rehab. But I did everything they suggested, and every day they revised down and last Tuesday, even without my usual begging, they decided I could recover at home. Yay for sleeping in my own bed!

It will be some while before I am 100% on my feet, but hopefully each day better than the next. (crosses fingers for no more news)

Now, I am anxious for my brain to be back on line
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