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My quick appointment yesterday did not go as planned. Fortunately, there was nothing unexpectedly wrong with me.

But, my team got me set up for treatment (flat on my back, with my feet in a torture device, in the *who's going to stuff the turkey position" and were about to start sticking needles in places you don't want to think about when my doctor got called to the ER.

He expected to be 10 minutes, so they left my where I was. He was gone over an hour. By the time he got back, they had to give me drugs for the back pain, which was worse than my regular treatment.

Once he got back and filled me with needles, my treatment (new machine) only took 7 minutes. (Then the worst nausea I have ever ever had - side effect of the pain med)

I don't want to say all clear, but it looks good. I was told doctors won't say 100, but said he would say 99.9% sure.

This was the last treatment, and now there are only monitoring visits in my immediate future. Please.
Tags: family, health
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