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The Friday Five for 9 November 2018: Because Cheese Is Important

1. What was the first type of cheese you ever ate?
Me: mozzarella / Jim: american

We both thought we didn't like cheese when we were little. That turned out to be wrong.

2. What was the type of cheese you ate most recently?
we had scrambled eggs with a 5 cheese blend for breakfast, of which asiago is my favorite

3. What is the most unusual cheese you ever ate?
Gjetost? I'm not adventurous.

4. What is your favorite cheese?
One!? I love Wensleydale, and it has completely vanished from our area.

5. What is your favorite dish made with cheese?
I've never had it, but I suspect Poutine is lying in wait for me.
Tags: food, friday five

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