fileg (fileg) wrote,

med update

I finally had a meeting with my medical team at the end of the week.

The "something" that showed up on my recent ct scan is not "nothing," but it's close to, and definitely not what I was afraid of.

I am "over vasculated," which was part of the ongoing problem I had during the previous surgeries, so they can't do a needle biopsy. But after the MRI, my doctors believe It's a group of fluid and benign cells that is apparently not uncommon after a big surgery.

I have to keep testing, to make sure it doesn't continue growing at the rate it was. (if it does, I don't know where we go from there, so ...) And a new pill added to my meds, which should be a general preventative. So, not nearly as bad as I was trying to be prepared for.

Since they knew the news was good, I wish they had updated my online records, and spared me two extra weeks of anxiety. But, hey.

I am starting to settle back to being a normal person now. Thanks all of you who held a good thought for me during the wait.
Tags: medical

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