fileg (fileg) wrote,


I had to go for blood work this morning.

We had a long list of instructions - stay in your car, etc., wait until we beep your phone, then put on your mask and come in... This is supposed to make sure the waiting room is empty.
They called me in, I mask up and go. As i reached for the door knob, the door was pulled out of my hand by an exiting guy who collided with me, and made a cranky noise *at me.* He was masked up, at least. There was still another couple in the waiting room as well.

And when I was leaving, the door slipped out of my hand again, but since I knew what that meant, I was able to avoid colliding with the next person.

On the other hand, they were very efficient about the test, and only had to stick me once (very unusual, I am a really tough stick). I am a little concerned because she only took one vial of blood, though. (They usually take 4). I hope I don't get called back. I had a change to my meds, so maybe they were just checking that.
Tags: medical

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