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Jim had to go in to work Saturday, a special project that needed him to go in early.

When he was getting ready to go, I woke up and found him doing something to the bedroom door with a screwdriver.

Turns out, the doorknob had been loose for a little while. I hadn't even noticed. But Jim had a dream that he was at work, and I called and told him the doorknob had fallen off and I was stuck in the bedroom. (This would not have been the worst thing that could happen - I would have a bed, a bathroom, a kindle, and a couple of low carb shakes. But still - trapped.)

So, he felt the need to fix the doorknob before he left for work.

Through an unlikely set of circumstances, the project could not be finished, so he called me around noon to say he was on the way home.

It took all my willpower not to remove the doorknob and wait for him in the bedroom. Had I not been so sleepy, it would have been a done deal.
Tags: family, jim

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