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Shall I shoot?

I've mentioned before that there are things I understand (or think I understand) in Tolkien that I have just incorporated into myself without ever expressing them in words, until something comes up and I find myself blurting out a sentence that surprises the hell out of me, and at the same time seems to have always been with me.

That happened to me this week during a discussion that was phrased: What do you all think would have happened in the storyline if Frodo did not stop Faramir from killing Sméagol and actually allowed it to happen?

The discussion was centered around what happens after this event. Except for me. Without a moments hesitation, I went for:

Faramir would never have killed Smeagol outright. But if Frodo had called his bluff, it would have broken the chain of Mercy that let the ring be destroyed.
Tags: arda, faramir, head canon

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