fileg (fileg) wrote,

From octoberscorpio
According to studies, your sexual identity is revealed by the first letter of your FIRST name...

You are idealistic and romantic, putting your lover on a pedestal. You
look for the very best mate you can find. You are a flirt, yet once
committed, you are very loyal. You are sensuous, sexual, and privately
passionate. Publicly, you can be showy, extravagant, and gallant. You are a
romantic. Dramatic love scenes are your favorite fantasy passtime. You can
be a very generous lover.

speaking of which... here's a version of my North icon I can't use without blowing my cover, so to speak
no matter what I do, I can't seem to slow the text on this one down - what could that mean?) Yet, I could not resist...

And, North wants to say that despite the pbj, she objects to this:
You are crap in bed.

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