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The Songs About The Sparrows

--Calm Down, It's Just A Little Ornithology--

Ok, since I have a flock now, it would be silly not to indulge you.
In my last drabble, I mentioned that Boromir sings Baby Faramir "The Song About The Sparrows"

I do have a sort of serious song I want to write there, one meant to be a children's song, like the verse from All Of Them Together. But while I was writing this drabble, I did have some songs in mind, (though none would be appropriate for this spot, no matter how precocious young Blade is...)

In the Verse Forum at Hasa, there was a huge outbreak of limericks last summer, not a few of which addressed the sparrow and the raven, and the subject of "Ranger Hoods." (is there a sillier word in fanon than elfhood?

I outed myself and wrote these:
(I have never been prouder of a comma in my life!)

To a sparrow, a little brown thing
Said a raven – “How sweetly you sing.
Let’s nestle together –
Just raise your tail feather
And I’ll take you, under my wing”

The sparrow replied to the raven
As she settled in his feathered haven
“I thought that you would
Like a kiss ‘neath your hood…”
(This leads to two birds, misbehavin’...)

Later, the amazing Alawa wrote these for me:
the first one caused me to lie on the ground I was laughing so hard

The fileg the rangers agreed
Was a beautiful bird indeed.
All along the Anduin
They stop what they’re doing
To give her a handful of seed.

While hunting the rangers are switching
To bird calls of high and low pitching.
At the sound of their whistles
From bushes and thistles
The whole of Ithilien’s twitching.

The other Sparrow poem is so beautiful and serious, it seems almost a sin to post the light and the dark together. But I believe in woven in a braid... It would never have been the song that made Faramir laugh, but I wanted to share it with you... for my birthday, Avon wrote this hymn for Faramir, for the Anduin stories:

Twilight dims and darkens, sunset slowly falls
And, as I for night’s darkness wait,
Down along the river I hear the wild birds’ calls.

The river sings of peace and valour, pain and fate –
But I feel my grief burn in my throat
As, with brush and ink, I try this world to recreate.

In the star-lit dark, I fold with care a paper boat
That holds the prayers and love I send -
Then I light the candle and let this brave ship float.

I watch the light ‘til it fades, round Anduin’s bend,
Where may my brother see it from the Halls
And so in flames does my family end.

Twilight dims and darkens, sunset slowly falls
Down along the river I hear the wild birds’ calls.


Fly and sing and waste no moment. I love you all.

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