fileg (fileg) wrote,

Comcast, part 2

So, I knew there was no possible way I was going to be awake to greet the cable guy if I was the first appointment of the morning. Therefore, I stayed up. Not the biggest deal, I frequently write through the night, but it feels different when I am in control of deciding when I am tired. Nor am I generally frustrated beyond endurance because I have left three projects for the quiet hours, and now I have no email, no live journal, no website, no ebay.... nor am I usually so wound up from being told there is no problem, or if there is, it is inside my house.

Not to mention that it took them more than a year to get the original hookup to work correctly, and in spite of nearly weekly visits and the fact that i TOLD them every time that I use a Mac, they are always flabbergasted to see Titania sitting on my desk. The first nervous question is always "You aren't running system 10, are you?" Yes, you moron, I am.

Next they look hopefully at Jim's station -and nearly have an attack when they see another Mac. No one has been in the house since we bought the G5 - I can hardly wait.

The last guy was so intimidated he would not even let me walk him through the procedures - he ran out to the truck and came in with a little Dell laptop. He was not amused when I burst out laughing.

Anyway, I am obviously rambling -- it is now 2pm. First appointment of the day has yet to show up, and I am finding my eyes closing while I think.

Thank you, Comcast. I just want to let you know I take every opportunity to tell people how much I appreciate your service.....

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