fileg (fileg) wrote,

Targeting Your Audience

All these messages in my mail trying to give me an electronic virus, buried under a second deluge of mail complaining about it, followed by a combined aftermath (wave three and four) of people who want to tell me how to avoid group one (too late, yes?) or how to rid myself of the effect of said virus (which I don't *have* because, I have a Mac, and I am not a moron, thank you very much) - especially those which pop up in my browser while I am reading slash to tell me ***bells and whistles*** We have detected "X" on your computer!!!" *** more bells and whistles**** I think not! I repeat, I have a MAC and I am not a MORON! Though it occasionally tells me "There Is Porn On Your Computer!" and I think there better be! I wrote for three hours! Though I happen to know you can't tell that from there, because I have.... well never mind.

*fileg stops for a breath, looks up at above sentence, mentally diagrams it, hopes Jack Kerouac and Sister Frances Genevive will be proud... ummm, not of the porn, sister. Sorry.*

Well, with all of that, I got to thinking about designing messages (not the virus's themselves - fooling the machine does not interest me the way fooling the human eye/mind does) for small niche groups.

Want to get me to open that message, fall for your line and click on the stupid link that sets the game in motion? Presenting the FILEG virus - it comes into my mailbox disguised under a header like this:
From: reviewalert@lookma,I'mawriter,com
Review Alert! You Have a New Review For ...

Inside it would very enticingly tell me that someone has left a new review of my story... One that has a title too long to fit in the space (moi?) and I immediately try clicking over to download it, yes, yes, please, give me what's in the bag....

But, even if I *AM* a moron, I still have a Mac. And I can't imagine my niche is big enough to warrant targeting. But that's the one guys --

What's yours??

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