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I love you, but you *do* know he's mine? (G)

*NOT* part of the Anduin arc - comic relief:
In my brain, I keep thinking of movie!Pippin telling Merry about pulling Faramir off the pyre - it goes like this "Merry? Remember when I was leaving Edoras, and you told me *I* smoke too much...."

OK, because I love you, I am going to tell you where Jim and I have been for the last hour. But there was *no way* I was going to tell *anyone* until I had a confirmation number for my own order --

When the Armies Of Middle Earth figures came out for TT, I stood in the store holding the Helms Deep set in my hands, wondering what was going on -- there was a photo on the back of people standing on the causeway, and one of the was *clearly* Faramir, in his white tree leathers. Truthfully, I almost bought the giant damn set just on the off chance he had somehow been miss-assigned -- but there was a figure list, and though it was crawling with yrch, there was no mention of anyone who could have been him.

But, I had SEEN the photo, and I knew he was out there somewhere. There was no way I was going to give up.... ok, I ordered mine tonight, ( though the sets may yet change at the last minute) and now that I have, I will tell you where we managed to do it --

Action Figure Express had, among others, these:

Pelennor Field Battle Set

ruins of Osgiliath with fell beast

Pelennor Fields set - Eowyn, Theoden, Nazgul

Gondorian Catapult (has two soldiers in tree armour, one with the black banner of the white tree

Soldiers and scenes, wave 3 - with Faramir

Warriors and battle beasts wave 4 - Faramir on horseback

lots of other goodies to look through, including a mounted Eomer and Theoden, Ness!


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