fileg (fileg) wrote,

Drabble - Confluence

Title: Confluence
Words: 100
Team: Dunedain
for the mistaken identity challenge
edit: reposted from the defunct lotr100

My heritage, lineage and destiny had come to me at a stroke. I wandered the woods, seeking solace, but also to hide the joyful heights of my heart. Master Elrond’s words had made me more than a fosterling; I was a chieftain, a dunedain, the scion of Beren Erchamion.

I had been obsessed with that ann-thennath all my life. I sang it softly to myself as I wandered through the spring-green woods, searching for my connection to my blood.

I looked up and saw her, dancing among the white stems of the birches.

And I mistook myself for someone else....

Tags: arda, drabble, fiction

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