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Happy Birthday, Nessime/edrys

Invitations had gone forth -
Almost all of Rohan was ready to Celebrate edrys birthday!

But when the party guests arrived, and Hama brought the king the ceremonial cake-knife of Rohan

It turned out that the very annoyed Grima had made off with

The Cake!

This displeased the Marshall Exceedingly!

"The Lady Edrys is My Very Special Friend! It is Long past time for this worm to pay!"

So, he took a few friends and took away Grima's spork, and taught him that the only worm welcome at parties in Rohan is the one in the Tequila bottle. And not to mess with the Lady Edrys when her champion was about!

While he was gone, Merry and Pippin had time to turn their native hobbit talents to good use, and by the time he returned, all was set to rights, with

the most beautiful, special birthday cake Rohan had ever seen.

Then Pippin lit the candles

and the Marshall helped her blow them out, so that she would save her breath for singing later

and many toasts were drunk to her health and happiness

But then, the true problem with birthdays in Rohan was discovered by the guests -
after a few toasts, *everyone* in Rohan wants to be the one to cut the cake!

But cooler heads prevailed -

and the Lady Edrys gave the honor to her friend and champion

and there was ice cream and cake

for everyone!

Here is an icon to remember your party by


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