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Current meme from octoberscorpio

1. First Grade Teacher's Name? Sister Robert Anthony. She introduced my to Robert Lewis Stephenson, A Childs Garden of Verses

2. Last Words You Said: Can you fix this?

3. Last Song You Sang? Don't Slit Your Wrists for Me - Oysterband!

4. Last Person You Hugged?Jim/Faramir

5. Last Thing You Laughed At? Dernhelm's Dysfunctions of Gondor icon

6. Last Time You Said 'I Love You' And Meant It? about three seconds ago

7. Last Time You Cried? just now. I was writing, and if I don't cry, I don't know if I am saying anything...

8. What's In Your CD Player? MP3 mix- The Jewel Of War mix

9. What Color Socks Are You Wearing? socks? I dust with them...

10. What's Under Your Bed? New Jeresy (I have a water bed)

11. What Time Did You Wake Up Today? about 4pm

12. Current Taste? Keto protein Bars

13. Current Hair? I've turned into an iceberg

14. Current Clothes? Black Jeans, grey singlet, grey uggs. you can take off the word current...

15. Current Annoyance? unresponsive story

16. Current Longing? pumpernickle bagel.... curse you, Dr. Atkins

17. Current Desktop Picture?My Mac changes every fifteen minutes - right now I have Aragorn and Faramir on the 21 inch screen, and Faramir's charge on the powerbook screen...

18. Current Worry? can I make myself get back into going to swim (I love the swimming, but waiting for Jim after work, 20 minute drive each way - it means giving up the entire night twice a week, Why can't there be a gym with a pool near me?

19. Current Hate? the sound of my neighbors, vacuuming

20. Favorite Physical Feature Of The Opposite Sex? eyebrows

21. Last CD You "Bought"? Bought Jim the Cowboy BeBop box set last night

22. Favorite Places To Be? at my computer, with my *family*, Gondor

23. Least Favorite Place? Long Island

24. Time You Wake Up In The Morning? Time I go to bed in the morning - around 7am most days

25. If You Could Play An Instrument? I can chord a little with a guitar, enough to sing to. I would like to play the penny whistle or the bagpipes

26. Favorite Color? forest green

27. Do You Believe In An Afterlife? yes

28. How Tall Are You? 5'5"

29. Current Favorite Word/Saying? joke between me and chris -"Not So Much..."

30. Favorite Book? Tolkien - after that, maybe Julian may or Sharon Kaye Penman. I go through stages where I can't read anything but non-fiction, though a good mystery may break me out of that. I love Ruth Rendell.

31. Favorite Season? winter

32. One Person From Your Past You Wish You Could Go Back And Talk To:
It would be too easy to say my mother, so Tom Hallett

33. Favorite Day? Friday

34. Where Would You Like To Go? Home

35. A Random Lyric: The book is empty from the sparrow's point of view...

36. Identify Some Of The Things Surrounding Your Computer: HAH!

about 1,000 books in this room, a shelf with aprox 30 LOTR figures, wiggly hula girl collection, sharpe box set (in the ammunition box), favorite drawing by Lee (bookmark called nessie's Big Dive) raven pictures, photo of Valentina Tereshkova, Drawing by Lee of Yuri Gagarin, collection of windup and otherwise sumo wrestlers, pile of yaoi doujinshi, all my David Wenham dvds on my "work cart" for capping, my precious 2 vol. Jobes Encyclopedia of Mythology, folklore and Symbol, beanie baby of the Oscar Meyer Weiner Mobile, Photo of Jim and me in the weinermobile, Unabridged Silamrillion on CDs, drawing of North and The Raven from Jim, copy of The White Goddess propped open to The Song of Amergin, pictures of Spoo and his pawprint cast in clay, small metal cannister with my Shaeffer Targas, tube of twinkie flavored lip gloss, Big picture of D. Wenham (who magazine 1999) cast photo Man From UNCLE, powerpuff watch (buttercup) watch with Claris the Dogcow (old mac symbol) canadian flag and red maple leaf stickers, Action figure of Matilda from Robot Wars, poster i made when Jimmie Dale Gilmore played for us, raven cards from my Annaliese... this is where my clutter lives. Me, too.
Tags: introspection, quiz

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