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found tarot 5 of wands

five of wands

The five of wands disrupts the harmony of the four. On the surface, things seem calm and agreeable, but trouble is brewing beneath the surface. Things that should be simple get out of hands. Disagreements arise from misunderstandings or miscommunication. Decisions are made by committee, while people keep secrets to enhance their own sense of power.

If it is well placed, it may indicate an ability or an opportunity to delve deeply into the small differences in things that seem superficially the same, gaining better insight and knowledge before decisions are made. You may make great strides by using a talent you have overlooked or not thought worth developing.

You may find that deceit is being used against you, and if so, there is a great possibility you can channel that effect to your own good.

disagreeing, feeling everyone is at cross-purposes, dissension, quarreling, arguing and bickering, quibbling over details

experiencing competition, going against an opponent, rising to the challenge, looking for a fight, having a rival, being challenged by an upstart

needing to take care of details, being bothered by trivialities
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