fileg (fileg) wrote,

I got a present!

Look at this! Have you ever seen anything so cute?

Sakubow and I have been discovering that we feel much the same about the young brothers Mir. I found her pictures of Boromir and Thorongil, and she just read All Of Them Together. Today she sent me this surprise-

I was hopping around with excitement. How beautiful! Boromir such a sturdy little man. so loving and protective, using his body to express "I will take care of you" but also just "I love you and you make me smile". Baby Faramir looks at him so trusting, but also not helpless - his body says "I choose to love you, my big brother" you can see what fine friends they will grow up to be when they start out so well.

Sakubow, I thank you so many times, and I wish I knew even a little of your language to return the favor of you writing to me. You speak well, but your beautiful pictures speak in all languages. I envy that gift. (Imagine if I had the talent that runs rampant in my family! You guys would be innundated with alternating cuteness and smut...)

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