fileg (fileg) wrote,

all my friends are doing it... dictionary meme

but mrkinch had it last -Put your username into the online dictionary at Merriam-Webster and see what it suggests

1. flag
2. Flagg
3. filer
4. files
5. fille
6. filets
7. files
8. phyla
9. filed
10. filled
11. filler
12. fillet

How boring. makes me wish (as I often do anyway) that the OED was online --

Once again, I prefer the LJ spellchecker, which apparently understands that Flick is my evil twin (and had the brilliant insight that Boromir might be Bottomer...)

file, flag, flog, filer, filed, files, fledge, Oleg, fig, fleck, flier, folk, leg, Field, bilge, field, flied, flies, fling, Foley, filler, Filmer, failed, filch, file's, filers, filing, filled, fillet, filter, filth, flick, foiled, fill, flea, flee, flew, flex, foliage, Flem, film, fled, fluke

and this from Belanajake, to encourage the terrible tendancy I have developed since I have been out here to cheat all the time in order to tell the truth...


LOTR meme

1. Elijah's eyes or Billy's eyes: David's eyes (Billy)
2. Dom or Billy: David (Billy)
3. Viggo or Orlando: Viggo, no contest at all - now Viggo or David....
4. Elijah or Sean Astin: David (Sean)
5. Dom's smile or Billy's smile: David's smile (Billy)
6. (Frodo & Sam) or (Merry & Pippin): for me, or for each other? Merry and Pippin
7. Legolas or Aragorn: Faramir (Aragorn!)
8. FOTR, TTT or ROTK (movie): they are one movie, damn it. RoTK, but just barely over FoTR and it may be newness...
9. FOTR, TTT or ROTK (book): They are one book, damn it --book 2, the ring goes south, then Rohan, then Siege of Gondor on
10. Hobbit feet or elf ears: elf ears
11. Elves, hobbits, or dwarves: Men (Elves)
12. Rivendell, Mirkwood or Lothlorien: Ithilien (hey, it will be an elf enclave) Hithlim. ok, Greenwood
13. Gandalf or Saruman: Radagast (Gandalf)
14. Arwen, Galadriel, Rosie or Eowyn: Rosie
15. Nazgul or The Ents: Nazgul
16. Into The West, May It Be or Steward Of Gondor: Steward of Gondor then Into the West
17. Gollum or Grima: Grima
18. King Theoden or Denethor: Theoden King
19. Minas Tirith or Minas Morgul: Minas Tirith
20. FOTR commentary or TTT commentary: FOTR
21. Elijah's butt or Dom's butt: David - Bean - Vigg. I am too old to even look at those children nude without wanting to buy them a slip-n-slide or something....
22. Haldir or Elrond: Elrond
23. Eomer or Faramir: Faramir, (but you know the morning star and the evening star are twinned....)
24. Gondor or Rohan: Ithilien, Edoras
25. (Aragorn & Arwen) or (Eowyn & Faramir): Faramir and North. Suck it up.

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