fileg (fileg) wrote,

the high school meme

i *so* was not going to do this, but my answers are so dated it made me laugh....

The School and Year you graduated?
Maria Regina Diocesan High School, 1970
(I didn't turn eighteen for another three months)

Nickname in high school?
(sound based on my baptism name)

Sport you were into?
no sports.My school's trophies were almost all literary,
I was a life guard, though

Had a circle of friends?
yes, we were more or less the hippies

Best subject?
I loved English and Biology and History. I could do almost anything but Math without blinking, because of this, I can use a slide rule. I had trouble with Spanish after a really bad teacher who later repented of how she had treated us and passed us all without any second year skills when she found out they were going to let her transfer back to the convent in Venezuela she had spent the entire year moaning about leaving.

My favorite class?
English with Patricia Arnaz. History with T. (I turned him on to LoTR) Comparative Religion with twin nuns Srs. Ascension and Assumption

Worst subject?
Math, because I was born in the era of old math - new math - oops, old math again. Chemistry because of a teacher with no patience for me trying to do the math (If they had had calculators then...)

A teacher you owe life lessons to?
P Arnaz - treated me as a student in class, but as a friend after, because "I was worth knowing."

Describe in one word...
Freshman (year 9): Beatles
Sophomore (year 10): Incredible String band
Junior (year 11): Leonard Cohen
Senior (year 12): Gordon Lightfoot

Your best friend was?
Tom and Tom
Laurie, Kuey, Gina,

How was the senior prom?
didn't go - boyfriend was in Viet Nam (actually, it was Cambodia...)

Who were the prom king and queen?

Any achievements?
national merit scholar, editor of poetry magazine

Were you popular?
yes, in the hippie/new age crowd.

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