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i can't look...

writing aid?

I don't write the risque for outside the house, but I do write it at home. Jim says I can't write plain sex, because everything my language touches becomes erotica. (He can't write smut without leaving a joke or a really bad pun lying in wait for me somewhere)

I was terribly constrained in the beginning, by my age and upbringing, and my lack of ease with terms for body parts turned into letters on the page. This lead to a scene in my first try being referred to as the PBJ. (As low-carbers. there is a plethora of peanut butter in my life, but in this case, it is short for Poorly written Blow Job - though Jim later admitted it wasn't really that it was bad, it was the stunned wrongness of me typing those words.)

Anyway, there is a standing family joke that there is no sex in my sex, and so "helpful" friends sometimes send me articles to give me ideas.

this is one of them.

Pour some fructose on me - an illustrated oral sex guide using photos of fruit

I suggest, in oh, so many ways, that you swallow before you look ---

** in the ten minutes it took me to post this, they seem to have added a sign up page to the site. I'll try to post a direct version later if there's no getting in.....