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i go like the raven

quick check in

I'm so tired of being horizontal. If I had some decent symptoms, I could curl up and let jim take care of me - but all I have is the desire to sleep constantly if I sit up, and the crazed nyquil wanderings of the wide awake if I lie down. Bah.

Got up tonight and went to see Greg Greenway with Jim and Chris. Since I don't feel any worse for the excursion, I am going to declare myself well and see how that works. Fortunately, I have the luxury of simply sleeping if I need to, and it will just be Jim and I for Thanksgiving, so if we don't feel like cleaning and cooking, we can just pick a different day.

(I am having a good great flashback to my first Thanksgiving after joining LJ, curled up on the couch with turkey sandwiches on low carb bread, watching After The Deluge on the tapes mrkinch had sent me. happy. So, low stress is sounding good.... though I MUST start rearranging for Yule before too much longer.)

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