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While I was waking up, my brain had this conversation with me -

Hey! Remember about 2 weeks ago, you had a song really earwormed in my head? Now I can't even remember what it was.

Obviously, if you can't remember it, I can't....

It was in some show you were watching.
C'mon, it's driving me crazy

Oh! It was Nat King Cole singing Walking My Baby Back home.

Thanks, brain. Now we have it stuck there again.
oh bother....


My FarmVille farm is afflicted with the glitch that makes my sheep pen grow to an enormous size. Whenever it does this, I find myself thinking:

Grey lay the land, oh.
Grey grass from sky to sky.
Not near the weir, dear.
Not a mountain, low or high — only hills and grey grey.
Watch the dappled dimpled twinkles blooming on the star bar.

That's from Norstrilia, by Cordwainer Smith. Giant sheep feature heavily into the story. Now I have my own.

At least it isn't Mother Hitton’s Littul Kittons....

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We had Annaliese shuttergal for a visit, which was lovely, but sadly we put her on a train to NY today where I am sure she is captivating the old place.

While she was here, Chris and I made her a booklist of recommendations and threatened her with bad cinema (in particular, Sharpe's Gold), but she escaped that fate when we decided to go for Chinese food instead. (Apparently, she has been wondering for 15 years why we never took her to the the chinese place we tell so many family stories about. It wasn't the most successful of dinner trips, as something disagreed with her, and I came home with an msg headache, which has *never* happened to me there before.) And instead, we got to watch the transfer in progress of the dvd that mrkinch sent, which Jim was dropping chapter markers into. Woohoo! And since we had Chris here, who had seen the live version of the performance in question, we got to make her our guide to the changes from what she had seen. Than you again, mrkinch, I will have a packet for you soon.

On Sunday we drove to New Hope for shopping and texture photography and hot chai. Later we were able to fulfill her wish to have matzoh ball soup while on the east coast, meeting at our regular diner with persephonesbear, octoberscorpio and sharpiechick. A great day, marred only by the fact that I broke an ancient filling while we were eating breakfast, leaving me with a razor at the back of my jaw (so I get to see George again tomorrow. Honestly, I love him but I wasn't hoping to see him again so soon.)

Since I am thinking about the bagel which was the instrument of my dental adventure, I will tell you that the bagel place across the way from us makes low-carb power bagels, which is why I get to have them. They have a good whole grain taste and texture, but the tops are *covered* in crumbles of bran which I hate (not the taste - I can't deal with all the flakes cascading down my shirt) so about a month ago, Jim (notarysojac) thought of asking them to make his sandwich with the two tops. Brilliant solution. He now refers to my breakfast as the "fandom" or "slash" bagel, since it comes with 2 bottoms.

free association-

So, jim and I are having one of those conversations (that we have nearly every night) when I drag him off the couch at 5 am drag him to bed for an hour, and we're both half asleep but blithering. And NO, I'm not going to tell you what led into this, it's bad enough as it is...

jim: reaches the end of a speculation on nose size and possible associated activities

me: hmmmm, both those gondor boys have

jim: big ones?

me: lovely large noses.

jim: but not dad - actually, isn't it funny they look so much alike, but not at all like dad. Finduilas must have had a hell of a honker

me: or known some ranger or traveller with one

jim: ah, *that* ranger?

me: no way, he has a bitsy nose.

jim: that's true. so, who might have been passing by with blond hair and a big nose?

me (sleepily): mmmmmm.....I don't know.... haldir?

jim (laughing): Aha! That would explain so much - like why Boromir hates musical comedy, and why Denethor closed Minas Tirith to the elves

me: hunny, that only happened in my stories

jim: well, this is only happening in your stories too!!