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song that water sings

poetry month

In all the cleaning and book moving, I came upon my mislaid copy of Robin Williamson's The Wise and Foolish Tongue, and inside it a letter from Robin and a pic of us both wearing purple shirts (which I would scan for you, except that I'm in it, and we can't have that, can we? But I have the mother of all grins on my face, and dark hair which I hardly remember having since I've been a combo of grey-white-colorless for ages now)

But I thought I'd give you this for poetry month, and spare you the words to the filk High Fly The Nazgul-O, which I have been singing all day.

The fileg in me is partial to the third verse, but may love lead us all safe home.

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Ah, have the filk as well, and I'll picture you all singing this around the world
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