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The Friday Five for 9 November 2018: Because Cheese Is Important

1. What was the first type of cheese you ever ate?
Me: mozzarella / Jim: american

We both thought we didn't like cheese when we were little. That turned out to be wrong.

2. What was the type of cheese you ate most recently?
we had scrambled eggs with a 5 cheese blend for breakfast, of which asiago is my favorite

3. What is the most unusual cheese you ever ate?
Gjetost? I'm not adventurous.

4. What is your favorite cheese?
One!? I love Wensleydale, and it has completely vanished from our area.

5. What is your favorite dish made with cheese?
I've never had it, but I suspect Poutine is lying in wait for me.
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The Friday Five for 4 April 2014...

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  1. What is your favorite novel to screen adaptation?
  2. What novel to screen adaptation did you hate, when you had liked the book?
  3. When was the last time you went to the cinema and what did you watch?
  4. Sugared or salted popcorn?
  5. Cinema or DVD?

1. I, Claudius

2. Tough, because about 30 years ago I convinced myself that's it's ok to walk out of a movie I hate. I'll say Tank Girl, which I watched with Chris.

3. The Hobbit AUJ

4. Pass on movie popcorn. Salted, at home

5. DVD. The Theater is too damn loud - not just the movie we're watching, often the movie in the next theater is too loud for me.

The Friday Five

Cooking Ingredients

1 What is your favorite condiment?
blue cheese dressing

2 What is your favorite spice?
nutmeg. I've never actually popped one whole into my mouth, but I have been know to grate them just to smell my hands for an hour

3 What is your favorite cooking oil? (Canola oil, sesame oil, butter, etc)

4 What is your favorite starchy food? (Bread, rice, potatoes, noodles, etc)
Since I can't have them, I crave them all. I have to go with Potatoes, since I can get pasta now. Those are the 2 biggies.

5 What is your favorite flavor for candy?
citrus and/or chocolate hazelnut
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Friday Five--August 27, 2010

1. Has anyone ever spoiled a book/movie/etc. for you?

Yes. Usually I don't care, since both Chris and I are the type who, if a book is really slow to get into, sometimes flip to the end to see if it looks worth the trip. And there have actually been a few movies I would never have gone to see without knowing where we were headed.

I was totally spoilered for Serenity though - one of the few times I was being careful not to to know. And there was a woman on one of the old LoTR groups I followed who purposely spoilered Harry Potter (OOTP) and then tried to say she thought it was fine since it wasn't a Harry Potter group. Oh please! I had never read a HP book at the time, but it pissed me off on to see an entire group of friends get spoiled at once. How hard is it to be a decent human.

2. Have you ever spoiled a book/movie/etc. for anyone?

Yes, but it was an accident. I had dinner with the friends who had turned me into a project runway fan, and asked them what they thought of a particular win. It was months after - but she was waiting to see it with her kids when they came home from college. Now I am waaay careful about how I phrase an opening move.

I also had a couple of occasions before Return of the King where people said some of my drabbles had spoilers. I don't apologize for that - My journal was started to talk book Tolkien with friends, and the book had been out for 50 years. And who even knew then where the movies would go? For instance, I never could have imagined that Denethor!

3. Are you (or were you) spoiled as a child?

Well, I was an only child. And so was my brother. I would be incorrect if I didn't say yes, but I was a kid who wanted books and a chance to hang out with my grandparents generation and hear stories. So, I was both spoiled, and a cheap date.

Jim has always done his best to spoil me. And I try to spoil him back. And I am still (mostly) a cheap date.

4. Do you put spoiler cuts when you discuss books/film in your journal?

I do. And I don't make the cuts spoilery, like someone on my list! LOL!

5. Is there any food spoiling in your ktichen right now?

Not produce-y kind of things, at least not at the moment. But Jim is always finding things in the pantry that I hoarded we and forgot. The other day he found a package of microwave popcorn that expired in 2001. Teabags don't actually spoil, but the do get mighty flat and dusty when they're 10 years old. That sort of thing surfaces with some regularity.
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The Boob Tube, The Silver Screen, The Count of Monte Cristo & Me

Jim and I were curled on the couch watching the amazing Gankutsuou (part 3) when Chris called and asked us to meet up with her and her expat-Aussie friend Kelly for V for Vendetta.

Wow. I haven't even processed yet why I loved it quite so much, except that it was sensually overwhelming and I was inclined to by in at every stage. There are stills that are poems/drabbles and make me wish for the millionth thime that my skills leaned in any way toward the artistic. I'm sure I'll think of things I didn't like eventually, but right now I'm thinking I would love to see it on the big screen again. But - did I blink, or was there no credit for Alan Moore? That was especially strange, as there was a credit for David Lloyd (And since I thought we spotted Alan Moore in the Bar scene, it seemed.... wrong.)

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The Boob Tube, The Silver Screen, & You
Ah, the problem with this is how little is "little"?

1) When you were little what was your favorite TV show?

When I was quite small, I remember watching American bandstand with my mother on one of those big blonde consoles with a little round cornered screen. (I remember the McCarthy trials on this same tv, but that in no way resembles a favorite...) I was exceptionally fond of a program called The People's Choice (with Jackie Cooper) because it had a "talking" basset Hound named Cleo. I watched Learn to Draw with John Gnagy, and Crusader Rabbit (I was a fan of Rags); Beanie and Cecil and of course Rocky and Bullwinkle. I used to stay up late and watch Jack Paar with my nanna, and later Steve Allen who I was crazy about. In grade school, I had a huge crush on George Reeve's Superman.

2) What was your favorite movie?

I love Hayley Mills, so nearly anything she was in, except Pollyanna, which still makes me gag. But my favorite thing was Million Dollar Movie which showed the same movie twice everyday for a week, and it would play in the background while I was doing my homework. So, King Kong, Son of Kong, Forbidden Planet, Mighty Joe Young, and Attack of the Crab Monsters...

3) What is your favorite TV show currently?

I'm not sure I have a *favorite* at the moment - we watch House, Medium, Lost and CSI; some others (NCIS, Numbers) if we're home. I like the top of the channels a lot - the history channel, the evil science channel, BBC America on mystery night... Oh, and I'm just getting into Stargate, which could become a contender.

4) What is the best movie you have seen so far this year?

I think I'll go with V for Vendetta. We don't get out to the movies as often as we mean to, and I'm reasonably easy to please inside my comfort zone (that means there is no way in hell I would go out to see anything they showed us as previews last night - what the hell are they thinking? Do they have no concept of audience targeting? I think anyone in our theater who was actually hoping to see Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector probably lost interest in V during Hugo's first speech. And while I'm at it - I PAID to get in here, and I would like to spend the pre-show time having a conversation with my friends, who actually know how to have a conversation, or watching previews geared toward the movie I chose. I do NOT appreciate commercials, and you don't want to hear my words for your propaganda spots...)

5) If someone was going to make a movie or TV show about your life, who would play you and why?

Too late now, but I have always said I wanted to be played by Divine.
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my first time - friday five

1. What food do you like that most people hate?
Keto Bar (chocolate peanut butter soy bar) yum!

2. What food do you hate that most people love?

3. What famous person, whom many people may find attractive, is most unappealing to you?
Most of them, and the younger they are the more likely this is to be true. I like *real* features.

4. What famous person, whom many people may find unappealing, do you find attractive?
I don't know that they are considered unappealing, but they tend to be overlooked - my personal *hotties* list runs to men like John Thaw, Robert Ito, John Lithgow...

5. What popular trend baffles you
Rudeness as a way of life