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Jim and I were watching Journeys In Japan on the NHK World. This episode featured a girl from Turkey who was in a village in the countryside to run a marathon. More than half the runners were in a variety of hysterical costumes.

Our favorite was a couple who were dressed as a Mammoth (in the style of a pantomime horse.) Even better - when they separated, the opening to their "insides" were made to look like mammoth steaks.

Jim informed me that because of the way their costume split, they could run in a mammoth-thon or a half mammoth-thon

Translated tweets from Japan the night of the earthquake.

Collected translated tweets from Japan the night of the earthquake.
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We were getting tired of waiting on the platform when homeless guys came by and gave us their cardboard boxes to use as mats to keep warm - even though we’re the ones that see you and pretend we don’t see you. Thanks.
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As I was walking my 4-hour walk home, I saw a woman with a sign in her arms that said “Feel free to use our restroom!” She was offering her bathroom for us walking the long walk. I think you can say that Japan is the most heartwarming country in the world, you know. I couldn’t help my tears running down my cheeks.
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reading the j-lst blog on * Signs that Japan is Getting Older* I encountered this fabulously head-clutching item:

"Then there's the I-Pot service that home electronics maker Zojirushi operates, which is essentially an electric pot for boiling water that's linked wirelessly to the Internet, which can be configured to send you an email every time your elderly mother makes a pot of green tea, to reassure you that she's okay."