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sanity check

I've been very good about trying not to spoiler anyone (and you know how I feel about keeping mum about spoilers for books that have been available as long as I have) so let me ask you -

If I said (as I often have) that the Narnia books were spoiled for me because of the end, would those of you who read them/are fans understand what I am referring to?

I found myself in this conversation about half a dozen times this week, and several lovely people tried to tell me how good The Last Battle is, so .....

(warning: spoilers in comments if you don't want to come in)


I am woefully behind reading (and writing) here again, but we have finished the long shelves in the office now, and took our third set of 300 to 400 books off to be sold this weekend. I am terribly pleased, but also glad to think of a few days of not showering ourselves with top shelf dust from 1982.