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highway 80 is a mighty good road....

All I did in my last post was *suggest* I might write a little, and I ended up with food poisoning 4 hours later. So, I am going to keep my mouth shut and just post

When we were coming down the highway from the new doctor last week, we were behind a flatbed truck with two objects on it. One of them had a long white streamer of some kind flapping behind it.

I said to Jim - look, that truck has a tile comet (that is, when you come out of the bathroom trailing a long tail of toilet paper, usually from your shoe, but occasionally tucked into your underwear or pantyhose)

As we got close enough to pass the truck, I could see that the objects were two port-a-potties.....

me 1957

on the road

I had to share with you this photo of a place in New Zealand that showed up in my email from roadtripamerica.

Where notarysojac and I grew up, we had a favorite used book store that was across the street from a specialty auto shop called ED'S GLASS WORKS. The local kids used to paint out the G and the L all the time, and when we wanted to go to the bookstore, we all refered to it as Ed's Ass Works.

I have a thing about Roadside attractions. (Jim thinks it may be attributable to growing up in the 50's, (me at storybook village, 1959(?)) as my other childhood ambition was to play miniature golf in every state) I can't resist eating in giant hotdog shaped diners or hopping out of the car to take pictures of giant amish farmers or big giant heads. One of my favorite photo's is of our friend Mark in a little restaurant in the Dutch Country (We had gone to Roadside America for his birthday) - in this particular shot, he is amusing me by sticking a tapioca pearl from his dessert to his nostril)

you may count yourselves lucky that the reorganizing of the office kept me from dragging out and scanning pictures today. But, one of these days...
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