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little brown bird

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I've been preoccupied with Frosty and trying to get Yulie (finally starting to happen) so I owe about a thousand comments... this is sort of a sneaky one

this is the only live greenery I have up this year, and nestled in the bough is a little bird that flew to me from over the sea.

There is a story that goes with it - it's a Faramir and Boromir story, and it's by kortirion - you can find it here

North suspects Melleth, who is quite handy with a needle in other context, may have made those birds herself...

solstice wishes

We're about as late as we can be this year, and no cards have actually been printed yet - but Jim and I would like to send our fondest holiday wishes to you all. The newest card has joined our Solstice tangle - you can see all the cards there, or click the thumbnail below for this years card

thanks to all of you for being my family - I couldn't have a better.
little brown bird

found tarot

The Moon

feeling fear, releasing inner demons, giving in to the shadow self, lacking courage, believing illusions, experiencing distortions

stimulating the imagination, having vivid dreams or visions, opening to fantasy, entertaining unusual thoughts