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dave carter

dave carter

The last time I talked to Dave Carter, one of the things mentioned was that he would turn 50 before I did. That turned out not to be true.

Happy birthday Dave, wherever you are.
Or Everywhere you are, which seems more likely....

There is still so much light in the place where you stood that even now I can hardly believe you are gone.
saint oniisan


The Rufus Wainwright version of Hallelujah just came up in the random mix we have on. It stopped us both from what we were doing, and when it was over, we turned to each other and, at the same time said, "Nice version - but nothing beats the original." So, we had to have that, and then I had to have the Tim Minchin version, and then the John Cale.

And of course, then I had to have the Austin Lounge Lizards Leonard Cohen's Day Job.

Now I think I need First We Take Manhattan.....