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i can't look...


I have been wondering for about half an hour what the hell the upstairs neighbors (vacuuming woman, etc.) were doing to make that noise.

It finally got close enough to resolve as thunder.......
in hell

What Happened To Spring?

I try to appreciate all the seasons in their place. I have a thing for the turning of the wheel.

It's not a big secret that I like winter best. I am not as fond of summer as I was as a kid, but I think that's because I used to live minutes from the ocean and now I have no beach access and have to pay for air conditioning.

I am not patient with people (I am talking mostly news/weather people here) who project themselves into my living room and whine all winter for hot summer weather. And I am notoriously cranky at people who whine for hot summer weather all winter, and then start whining about the heat as soon as the summer weather kicks in.

So - It's April, and I think it should be Spring here in the Northeast. Not only is it only Aprl, it is 4 am and should be a reasonably (or even unreasonably) cool time of day. But NO - even though Jim set the fan up in the window before he fell asleep, it is so freaking hot, I am drenched with sweat - actual running rivulets.

I am currently stripped to a singlet and a laptop, and the laptop is about to go because it has ceased to offer me anything worth doing that is worth having its heat on my lap for.

I am off to bed... (which won't bring any relief since even after thirty something years, Jim believes in sleeping like those Inca walls where you cannot pass a leaf between two adjoining stones. Generally, I approve of this, but right now I feel like covering the floor with paper towels and rolling around on them.)