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chosen man


It was outage weekend, and jim worked till after midnight on Friday and Saturday.

I quite unintentionally got involved in a project in my files, and managed to clear three gig off the server just by tracking down duplicates and media files and trailers for things I now own.

Chris came over after her scrapbooking group yesterday and we watched Twister (cause I can't resist disaster-y movies) and Sharpe's Challenge (which we just loved, cheesy as it occasionally was. We got teary as soon as we heard the music - it's just been too long.) and it's attendant "making of" footage. Great stuff. We also watched Miranda Otto in Love Serenade, which was off the wall in just the way that amuses me. It did leave Chris wondering if the reviewers understand the term "comedy."

video woe

Jim and I just watched UltraViolet. I ask you, can that be an ending?! (ok, better than where many an anime end, but still...

Looks around for Lee (who recommended this) - growls, and smacks him with a pillow.

Gah, so good....